People are sometimes surprised when we say that we don’t believe in religion! But we sure do believe in relationships – with God and each other. The great news of the Bible is that God has made it possible for all people to have a relationship with him. That’s why Jesus died on the cross and rose again.

To be honest – we’re far from perfect. Just sinners who’ve been shown mercy and forgiveness by God. Which means that everyone is welcome at any of our church services. We’d love to help you in your relationship with God.

On Sundays

Our regular service times are 10am including a children’s ministry, with another more informal service at 5pm.

Or, while COVID-19 restrictions continue, you may prefer to watch our live-streamed church services on Facebook or YouTube.

The central feature of both services is the preaching of the Bible. Each week we focus on one passage of the Bible, seek to understand it and apply it in our lives. We work our way through books of the Bible over a number of weeks.

If you need to know more, why not give us a call on 02 6583 1071. One of our ministers would love to have a chat with you.

Our Staff

Scott Donnellan


Peter Charles

Youth & Young Adults Minister

Benjamin Shuhyta

Pastoral Assistant