We believe that God is the creator of all that exists. God is all-powerful and all-wise; and as a personal being is all-loving. Though he is one, God is three persons, being: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


God has revealed himself to us through his wonderful works of creation. More specifically, God has revealed himself to us through his Word, the Bible. Being God’s Word the Bible is true in all that it teaches.


The Bible teaches that we are made as the pinnacle of all creation. We have been created in order to live in joyful, satisyfing relationship with our creator; to honour, love and obey him.


The Bible teaches that we have not honoured, loved and obeyed God as we ought. That we have preferred to live our ways rather than his way. This is what the Bible calls sin. It is the reason that the world is not as God intended, and that life is not as satisfying as it ought to be.


The Bible teaches that God is rightfully offended by our sin and that because of his perfect justice will punish sin. The punishment for sin is death and eternal separation from God and his blessings.


The Bible teaches that because of his love for us, that God does not desire our judgement. That, in his mercy, he sent his Son Jesus into our world. Jesus is fully God, and as fully man he always obeyed God the Father. Yet Jesus willingly allowed himself to be punished in our place. By his death on the cross Jesus has paid the penalty for our sin, so that God’s justice is satisfied, we can be forgiven and receive eternal life.


The Bible teaches that Jesus did not remain dead, but rather, that he was raised to life again. The bodily resurrection of Jesus shows that his sacrifice for sin was sufficient to pay for our sins. Jesus has ascended to the right hand of the Father in heaven, which has opened the way for us to join him. From heaven Jesus has sent the Holy Spirit into our world, to change hearts and dwell within those whose hearts are so changed. From heaven Jesus will return to our world in judgement.


We each need to respond to what Jesus has done for us. We can reject Jesus, continue living our way, and receive judgement. Or, we can trust that Jesus died for our sin, start living God’s way, be forgiven and receive eternal life.


Christians know that we sometimes fail to love and obey God as we should, but with the help of the Holy Spirit seek to live with God as first in our lives. Christians learn more about God by reading the Bible, speak to God in prayer, and meet regularly to encourage oneanother in the Christian life.

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