Peter & Joanne Charles

Charles FamilyI am a disciple of Jesus – I’m not ashamed of this fact, and it is the most significant thing that can be said about who I am. I really only began to understand what this meant in my youth – growing up in Port Macquarie.

As a teenager, I spent a lot of time thinking about the ultimate questions of life – where the world came from; where is it going; and the purpose of my days spent under the sun. I thought a lot about my teachers, and the differing answers they gave me to life’s big questions, and how they built their lives on those answers. I began to read about Jesus and His life through the gospel of John, and developed a faith in Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.

I have spent most of my life in Port Macquarie, returning as a teacher to our local Christian School from University, and then worked in the building industry with my father, Evan. We then moved to Sydney to complete a Bachelor of Theology at the Presbyterian Theological Centre in Sydney (now Christ College).

These days, you will find me either with my wonderful wife Joanne, and 5 terrific children: Helen, Meredith, Ross, David and Justine; working for our church, or at Hastings Public School as the School Chaplain.

Most of my hobby’s and interests now revolve around devoting energy and time to my wife and children. Soccer, cycling, chess, building, theology, psychology (Bowen Theory), economics, sociology, camping, and spending time with old & new mates remain as my other interests in life.

Other talking points for me include authors who I find interesting – John M Frame, Robert Banks, Jacques Ellul, Tremper Longman III, Neil Postman, Edwin Friedman, William J Dumbrell, Donald A Carson, Peter T O’Brien, and Rev. W Awdry (Thomas the Tank Engine is on permanent rotation at our place!).